it lives

The cutting of a wiliwili tree branch from an old tree lives on. My successful experiment with propagation of an older  wiliwili branch validates the resiliency of this species. In my previous post “Downed Wiliwili Branch Lives On”,  the span between the downing of that large branch sometime prior to 2011.11.09 until 2012.3.5, when the  5 inch diameter branch cutting was made, is over five months.  After eight months in a pot, small nodes of leaves started to show on that branch. The cutting’s size ,old age  and  its long period of survival after being severed from the main tree are significant details.  We now know that severed large branches can survive without a source of water for up to six months. Smaller branches up to 5 inches in diameter can be regrown. If we can get to a downed branch in the wild and cover its broken end in dirt or  seal it from the open air, perhaps we can save that branch or regrow it into a new tree.

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