it lives

The cutting of a wiliwili tree branch from an old tree lives on. My successful experiment with propagation of an older  wiliwili branch validates the resiliency of this species. In my previous post “Downed Wiliwili Branch Lives On”,  the span between the downing of that large branch sometime prior to 2011.11.09 until 2012.3.5, when the … More it lives

wiliwili tree pests life cycle

Common names: erythrina gall wasp, erythrina gall wasp (EGW) Taxonomic name: Quadrastichus erythrinae Kim Life Cycle Stages: Lifecycle stages Studies conducted by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) on Erythrina gall wasp (Quadrastichus erythrinae) indicate a life cycle (egg to adult) of about 20 days. A one-day old female wasp contains about 60 mature eggs … More wiliwili tree pests life cycle